Current Projects

At the FCC we are always striving to help and improve the lives of our members and our community. Below are the projects we are currently under, take a look to learn more!

Canada Summer Jobs Program:

An initiative of the Youth Employment and Skills Strategy, the Canada Summer Jobs Program looks to providing flexible and holistic services to help all young Canadians develop the skills and gain paid work experience to successfully transition into the labor market.

Objectives of this program:

The goals of this program are as follows:

  • Provide quality work experiences for youth
  • Respond to priorities to improve access to the labor market for youth who face unique barriers
  • Provide opportunities for youth to develop and improve their skills

This program provides wage subsidies to employers from not-for-profit organizations, the public sector, and private sector organizations with 50 for fewer full-time employees, to create quality summer work experiences for young people aged 15 to 30 years.

The government of Canada aims to ensure that youth job opportunities funded by the program take place in safe, inclusive, and healthy work environments free from harassment and discrimination.

Frontline Community Centre’s Featured Jobs

The FCC is also a part of this program, employing various youth for a summer job, giving them valuable and quality work experience. Below are some of the jobs we are able to give thanks to this program:

We are hiring for some of these positions! Take a look below to see your options!

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